Enjoy Responsibly

We are interested to promote the responsible consumption of alcohol. For that reason we have to ensure that you have reached the minimum legal age required for alcohol consumption and that you are legally entitled to visit this website from the country you’re living in.


All of the following rules must be respected when creating content on the page:

- Do not encourage or condone illegal, irresponsible, or immoderate consumption

- Do not glorify the alcohol strength or intoxicating effect of a drink

- Do not present abstinence or moderation in any negative way

- Do not show people who appear to be drunk or in any way imply that drunkenness is acceptable

- Do not feature any people who are or appear to be under the legal drinking or purchasing age

- Do not associate a drink with performance, sexual or social success

- Do not suggest any association with violent, aggressive, dangerous, or anti-social behavior


As a Company dedicated to preventing dangerous drinking, Ouzo MINI, will review all content and remove any that is non-compliant or improper within 72h.