Ouzo MINI of Mytilene is a soft, delectable aniseed aperitif with a 40% alcohol volume.

Ouzo ΜΙΝΙ is produced in Mytilene, using carefully selected anise exclusively from Lisvori, reputed to be the best anise in the world. The aromatic plants, the crystal clear water of the island, the love (passion) and craftsmanship of the people who produce it, make ouzo MINI of Mytilene exceptionally smooth and mellow.

Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol (agricultural origin),Lisvori aniseed distillate, water, anethol natural flavor or essential oil of anethol, sugar.

Nutritional Facts

 30 ml100 ml
Energy kj/kcal279/67928/224
Alcohol g9,531,6
Fat g00
Saturates g00
Carohydrates g0,230,76
Sugars g0,230,76
Proteins g00
Salt g00

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50ml (Miniature)

40% Alc. Vol
4 boxes X 24 pcs per case

200ml (Karafaki)

40% Alc. Vol
48 pcs per case


40% Alc. Vol
24 pcs per case


40% Alc. Vol
12 pcs per case

1 litre

40% Alc. Vol
12 pcs per case

1,5 litre

40% Alc. Vol
6 pcs per case

2 litres

40% Alc. Vol
6 pcs per case