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Ouzo MINI of Mytilene contains 40% alcohol and is smooth and mellow. It is produced in traditional still pots according to a secret recipe, that has not been changed for many decades, transforming the unique aniseed from Lisborio of Lesvos along with the crystal clear water and the other aromatic herbs of the island in a mellow smooth ouzo, the authentic ouzo MINI from Mytilene.

It comes in the following packaging:

  • ΟΥΖΟ ΜΙΝΙ 200ml
  • ΟΥΖΟ ΜΙΝΙ 6 x 200ml
  • ΟΥΖΟ ΜΙΝΙ 350ml
  • ΟΥΖΟ ΜΙΝΙ 4 x 350ml
  • ΟΥΖΟ ΜΙΝΙ 700ml
  • ΟΥΖΟ ΜΙΝΙ 1lt
  • ΟΥΖΟ ΜΙΝΙ 1,5lt
  • ΟΥΖΟ ΜΙΝΙ 2lt
  • OUZO MINI 700 ml STONE
  • ΟΥΖΟ ΜΙΝΙ 500 ml JAR
  • ΟΥΖΟ ΜΙΝΙ 1000 ml JAR
  • ΒΑΛΙΤΣΑΚΙ 2 Χ 700 ml + 2 glasses


ΕPΟΜ produces also:

Οuzo FIMI (fame) of Mytilene
Ouzo FIMI (fame) of Mytilene contains 42% alcohol and it is famous for its delicate aroma. It is made according to the tradition of Mytilene's distillers, i.e. aniseed and other aromatic herbs of the island of Lesvos are distilled twice.

Ouzo LESVOS of Mytilene
Ouzo LESVOS of Mytilene is distilled as well and contains 45% alcohol. It is produced traditionally according to a secret recipe and local herbs are used for its production. This production expresses the continuity of a long tradition in the know-how, expertise and art of making Ouzo.


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